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E-Mail is an internet platform that is used exclusively for entertainment purposes.
The portal offers their visitors an Internet platform that enables to look at the creators listed on it and, if necessary, to add them as friends. The portal provides an offer that is aimed at people of any sexual orientation. These general terms and conditions (GTC) are the solely and exclusively valid terms and conditions for all offers, deliveries and services of the portal. They regulate the legal relationships between the user and the portal. Deviating provisions in any terms and conditions of the member are hereby rejected.

Since the Internet is not and should not be a legal vacuum, various user-related data are stored at

The data stored are as follows:
– Date and time of the page visit and
– the username, userdata and email under which the user registers as a member.

This data is saved individually each time you visit and stored permanently. This data can be used to trace users who misuse the system. However, this will only happen if a user commits actions for which is to be held accountable. In this case we will pass the data on to the investigating bodies.

In addition, your name and email address are entered during registration.
All data cannot be viewed by other users or the public.

The email address serves exclusively for member registration and to deliver user-notificatons (ex. for a new friendship-request). We expressly point out that we will not pass on the email address of the user or any other user-related data to third parties under any circumstances.

This also applies to the images posted by the creators themselves. will only publish these images on the website or on their social Media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram or Twitter). Publication on other websites, print media, etc. will only take place with the express consent of the user.
However, we must point out that we have no control over who copies the users’ images to their own computer and distributes them from there. We cannot therefore accept any liability for the unwanted further dissemination of a posted image.

If a user deletes his member access to, the email address and other user data are also removed from our database at the same time. From our side there will be no further contact by email.

This website implicitly collects some personal data of the users who access the website, such as the IP address, domain names of the computers used by the users to access the website, MAC addresses used by the manufacturer, through the use of internet communication protocols for its own and during normal operation assigned to network cards, WLAN, etc.
This information is not collected in order to identify the user, but this could be the case through links and also through processing crossed with data from third parties. This data is used to obtain statistical information about the use of the website and how it works, as well as other information when determining liability in the event of computer crime.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that websites visited by the user store on their end device. These data records are sent back to the website that stored them the next time the user visits. If the user also receives cookies that other websites or web servers transmit when navigating the website, these are referred to as third-party cookies.
Cookies are stored for different reasons. This also includes the ability to carry out computer authentications, monitor navigation sessions, and select the language.

First- und Third-Party-Cookies

The cookies that are stored directly by are “first-party cookies” or cookies from first-party providers. The cookies, on the other hand, that are stored and collected by a website that is not the website on which the user is navigating are referred to as “third-party cookies” or cookies from third-party providers.
Third-party cookies include the social buttons (or social plug-ins) that enable the website to interact with the most popular social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., or the Google Analytics cookies and those that are necessary to implement youtube frames etc. As far as third-party cookies are concerned, the third-party providers to which these cookies refer are responsible for providing the data protection notice and information on the management of the data collected.

Types of Cookies

Tecnical Cookies

Technical cookies are usually installed directly by the website operator and enable communication between the website and the user. These can be navigation or session cookies that ensure normal navigation and use of the website. These are usually stored accordingly for the duration of the navigation on the website. In addition, there are functional cookies that enable better use of the website, such as those for selecting the language of the website, adding selected items to the shopping cart, etc.
Since these cookies are essential for the website to function, no prior consent is required to store them on the user’s device.

Analysis cookies

These are cookies that can be used to collect information about users in a more or less aggregated form, such as the number of users who visit the website or how they visit the website. One of the most popular tools for creating these statistical reports is Google Analytics, a service provided by Google Inc.
Analysis cookies can be equated with technical cookies if the information is collected in aggregated form and there is no possibility of identifying the habits of individual users. With regard to the Google Analytics cookies in particular, it is at least partially necessary to convert the IP address of the user visiting the website into an anonymous form and to eliminate the transfer of data via Google. If such a conversion into anonymous form and the prevention of the transfer are not possible, these cookies fall under the profiling cookies.


These cookies are used to record a user’s preferences and to present them with advertising messages based on the knowledge gained. These cookies are particularly invasive and their consent must be obtained before they can be stored on the user’s device.

Link to the data protection regulations of the third party providers that store cookies


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